Benedict Cumberbatch Hoping for EastEnders Cameo

Oi, you! If you’re a Benedict Cumberbatch AND EastEnders fan you may well explode with excitement after reading this news – the actor is hoping to appear in the BBC soap.

Benedict has told his good friend, ‘Enders producer Dominic Treadwell Collins, he would love to sink a pint in the Queen Vic as soon as his busy schedule allows.

Speaking at the Radio Times TV Festival, Dominic said: “I really want Benedict Cumberbatch to come and do a turn. And he says he’ll come and do it but he is slightly busy.

“But he would be my dream.”

Meanwhile, it seems we could have Dominic’s mother to thanks for the lovely Benedict being in our lives as she apparently spotted his talent when the two boys were at school together.

Dominic said: “He was the year above me at school and I remember doing the Shakespeare play As You Like It.

“He was Rosalind and I was Audrey the country wench.

“I remember afterwards running up to my mum to see if I was any good and she said, ‘Yeah, you were fine but that Benedict is an actor.’”

Thanks Dominic’s mum for possibly planting the seeds of Benedict’s Hollywood career!


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