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Sherlock 3×00 “Many Happy Returns” Prequel Captures

This is the prequel to Sherlock series 3, entitled “Many Happy Returns”. I’m sorry for the delay in posting this and adding caps, it was the holidays. But they have been added now. I will also add Sherlock 3×01 “The Empty Hearse” caps within the next few days!

EAsylum Interview with Benedict About Smaug and Martin

“Sherlock” Series 3 Trailer

Benedict on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Benedict appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (December 4th) and sat down for an interview where he talked about his fans, and his upcoming film, “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.” You can watch the interview below, and you can view the screen captures I have uploaded as well to the gallery by clicking the thumbnails below.

benedict-cumberbatchnet_00006.jpg benedict-cumberbatchnet_00012.jpg benedict-cumberbatchnet_00022.jpg benedict-cumberbatchnet_00079.jpg 

benedict-cumberbatchnet_00420.jpg benedict-cumberbatchnet_00421.jpg benedict-cumberbatchnet_00473.jpg benedict-cumberbatchnet_00476.jpg