Benedict Cumberbatch reveals why Patrick Melrose role was on his bucket list (Video + Interview)

Benedict Cumberbatch reveals why Patrick Melrose role was on his bucket list (Video + Interview)

A new interview with Benedict about Patrick Melrose, which debuts on Showtime on May 12.

There was only one role on Benedict Cumberbatch’s bucket list that he’d yet to play: Patrick Melrose.

Now the actor can check that off of his list too. The Emmy-winning Sherlock star is returning to TV in Showtime’s wild five-part series Patrick Melrose, based on the novels of Edward St. Aubyn. The series follows Patrick’s rollercoaster life, tracking his search for identity, struggles with addiction, and trauma from his father’s abuse when he was a small child.

“It’s a man on the brink of collapsing into himself in an episode of drug-fueled paranoid schizophrenia,” Cumberbatch says in a new behind-the-scenes video for the show, which EW can exclusively debut. “[The show explores] epic, epic themes on family, class, the brutality of both, and the tender possibilities of love in both, as well as damage.”

Cumberbatch leans into St. Aubyn’s funny streak, giving the series a jubilantly comic edge, while not shying away from the darker side of things either. “There’s a lot of cruel wit” in the series, Cumberbatch’s costar Jennifer Jason Leigh teases.

For more on what to expect from Patrick Melrose, watch the video above, which also features more of the show’s cast and crew. Patrick Melrose premieres Saturday, May 12, at 9 p.m. ET.


“Avengers: Infinity War” Singapore Fan Event

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Benedict Cumberbatch Featured in The Rake Magazine

Benedict Cumberbatch Featured in The Rake Magazine

Benedict is featured in the April issue of The Rake Magazine with a brand new interview. Below are digital scans and the textless photoshoot. Enjoy!

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Benedict promotes Avengers: Infinity War on Good Morning America

The stars open up about what fans can expect from the highly anticipated film live on “GMA.”

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New Avengers: Infinity War Productions Stills

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Benedict attends ‘Avengers Infinity War’ UK Fan Event

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How Benedict Cumberbatch Became Patrick Melrose

How Benedict Cumberbatch Became Patrick Melrose

New article about Patrick Melrose, plus a new shoot with Benedict and the Cast.

Edward St. Aubyn’s darkly comic novels about upper-class life in Britain, beloved by a generation of distinguished readers, come to Showtime next month.

In 2012, when it came time to publish a paperback version of the Patrick Melrose novels, the semi-autobiographical pentalogy by the English author Edward St. Aubyn, his American publishers had no trouble rounding up rapturous praise from a passel of distinguished readers: Zadie Smith, Bret Easton Ellis, Ann Patchett, Edmund White, Sam Lipsyte, and Alice Sebold. They might also have thought to ask a reader named Benedict Cumberbatch, who considers the books “the most exquisite achievements in 21st-century prose”—a fortunate view, given that Cumberbatch stars in the five-part adaptation of the novels that airs on Showtime in May.

A darkly comic indictment of Britain’s upper class, Patrick Melrose, which also stars Jennifer Jason Leigh and Blythe Danner, follows its protagonist from age five, when he is abused by his father (played by Hugo Weaving) in a country house in Provence, through his young adulthood, when he becomes a heroin addict in New York and London, to his recovery from drugs and transition to fatherhood. “It was a hell of an arc to play,” says Cumberbatch. “Patrick’s life is a nonstop madeleine cake of horrors.”

Portraying a character from age 25 to 45 was a significant challenge, Cumberbatch says—as was capturing the attitude and vocal mannerisms specific to Patrick’s class: “I went to a very posh public school, second to Eton, yet I had only one friend from the landed gentry. I’ve been trying to knock the corners off my accent ever since I left Harrow.” Cumberbatch consulted frequently with St. Aubyn, who, though he didn’t write the teleplay, made himself available to any cast member in search of biographical grist.

In the end, St. Aubyn reports, there’s unexpected consolation to be found in seeing his alter ego brought to the screen. “I’ve spent 25 years being asked if I’m Patrick Melrose,” he says. “So it’s a great deal of relief to be able to say, ‘No, Benedict Cumberbatch is.’”