News: Frankenstein documentary comes alive for Channel 4

Frankenstein stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller are to feature in a Channel 4 documentary that goes behind the scenes of the National Theatre production.

The 60-minute show is called Frankenstein – The Making of a Myth and also includes an interview with the production’s director, Danny Boyle.

It is being produced by Lone Star Productions, the company that made More 4’s Alan Bennett and the Habit of Art, which last month won best arts programme at the Royal Television Society Programme Awards.

Channel 4 said that the programme will look at the “myth of Frankenstein through the prism of Danny Boyle’s sensational new sell-out production”, exploring “the recurrent encounter of a powerful myth and our quest for understanding the nature of life itself”.

For the programme, the production team has been granted exclusive access to the rehearsals of the National’s show, footage of which will be included in the documentary.

Martin Rosenbaum, producer for Lone Star, said: “Danny Boyle has wanted to bring Frankenstein to the stage for over a decade and he now does so as a visionary Oscar-winning film director with a dazzling and uncompromising reputation. Boyle and his stars gave us exclusive interviews, and privileged access to the rehearsal process.”

Adam Low, who directed Alan Bennett and the Habit of Art, is also at the helm of the Frankenstein documentary, which is being made in collaboration with the National and will also feature an interview with Nick Dear, writer of the new stage production.

Channel 4 arts commissioning editor Tabitha Jackson said: “What makes great literature great is that it captures a truth about humanity that can still speak to us across generations.

“Danny Boyle’s recent reimagining of Frankenstein gives us a great excuse to interrogate what the truth is.”
Frankenstein – The Making of a Myth will be broadcast over the summer.


3 Comments on “News: Frankenstein documentary comes alive for Channel 4”

  1. I’d love to see this documentary but alas I’m in the US. They need to put it out on DVD so fans can enjoy it all over the world. The National aired the perofrmances globally, so why not package this program for world distibution? I’m writing to ask Mr Boyle and the theatre to do so. How about everyone else who thinks this would be a good thing?

  2. I think so too…I’m in China.They definetly should sell DVD’s.But I guess writing wouldn’t be of much use. I think someone from our group of fans wrote an E-mail to them,requesting the same, but they said they didn’t have any current plans to do so. .
    i’ll paste the reply so you can have a better look.

    ” Many thank for your email and your interest in National Theatre live. I can understand your desire for the production to be available on DVD. We have no current plans to release the production on DVD – this is due to our rights’ arrangements with artists and our desire to build the live, communal experience in cinemas. However, DVDs are certainly an area we may explore further down the line.”

  3. the second reply
    “Many thanks for your enthusiastic email – I am so pleased that you enjoyed our production of Frankenstein. I very much appreciate your desire to see Frankenstein released on DVD. We have received great interest in DVD versions of all our broadcasts, and we are committed to exploring such opportunities in the near future, so I hope you will be able to purchase a DVD of Frankenstein before too long. There are some hurdles to cross before this becomes a reality, but we appreciate your feedback and vote of support.”

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