A Scandal in Belgravia – Screencaptures added, and reviews!

Screencaptures from the wonderful first episode of Sherlock – A Scandal In Belgravia have been added to the gallery – a super-stylish episode from the genius Steven Moffat. Over 1000 HD screencaptures have been added, as well as new promos and stills from forthcoming episode The Hound of the Baskervilles!

Once again – a huge thank you to Blogtor Who for the wonderful stills and promotional images!

Benedict Cumberbach did a wonderful job playing the obnoxious Holmes with just a tiny hint of sentiment, giving him more depth. It was nice that we got to see that Sherlock cares for his friends, from his public apology to Molly after humiliating her at a Christmas party to consoling Mrs Hudson after her harrowing attack and even throwing her assailant out of a window countless times. (What Culture)

Cumberbatch and Freeman are terrific as the odd couple and their friendship feels genuine. Even if nothing happened in the whole episode, the interaction between the pair of them would have been entertaining enough on its own. (The Independent)

Cumberbatch, meanwhile, deserves an entry of his own. He perfectly catches the point at which intellectual detachment turns towards cruelty. Sexy is a word that springs to mind. On that thought, let’s add the sequence where he told Miss Adler that she was attracted to him. She laughed. Sherlock explained that he knew it because he’d taken her pulse when she’d taken his hand. Her pupils had dilated, too. “The chemistry is incredibly simple,” he told her. (The Telegraph)

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