‘Fortysomething’ DVD Release Details!

Good news guys – Fortysomething is being reissued on DVD from 26th March, here in the UK! It is currently available to pre-order on Amazon!

A sypnosis and more details are below, as taken from the press release (issued by Strawberry Media).

Strawberry Media is proud to present the UK DVD release of FORTYSOMETHING.

Originally broadcast on ITV this unique take on middle age life will be released in March 2012 due to popular demand.

With a host of British stars including Hugh Laurie (who also directed the first three episodes), Peter Capaldi and Benedict Cumberbatch this is a chance for old fans to at last own the series and a new audience to discover their favourite British talent in an original show.

Laurie’s first TV drama after Jeeves and Wooster which was ten years previously, Fortysomething revolves around GP Paul Slippery (Laurie) and his bored head hunter wife Estelle (Anna Chancellor). Their sex obsessed sons run riot while Estelle has to deal with eccentric Dr Ronnie Pilfrey (Peter Capaldi) who immediately becomes infatuated with her.

The six part show was originally aired in 2003 and now has a cult fan base campaigning for its release on DVD. With Hugh Laurie, now international star of “House” and Benedict Cumberbatch going from strength to strength this DVD is the hidden gem that many have been waiting for.

I think you’ll agree, this is excellent news!!

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