“Sherlock” Receives 13 Emmy Nominations

This year is a big year for “Sherlock”! Both Benedict and Martin Freeman have received nominations for “Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie” and “Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie” respectively, as well as Steven Moffatt for “Writing for a Miniseries, Movie or Dramatic Special”. Congratulations to everyone!

“Sherlock” also has nominations for costuming, directing, casting, cinematography, editing, music, sound mixing, sound editing, art direction and cinematography.

To see the complete list for all the Emmy nominations, go to Emmys.com

2 Comments on ““Sherlock” Receives 13 Emmy Nominations”

  1. Many congrats to all involved with Sherlock!! I’m so happy to hear of the plethora of nominations. It is well deserved. It is the best show ever! The perfect Sherlock ever! This is the most intelligent, enthralling, addicting, and exciting show in a VERY long time. It makes all the other shows I watch seem too quick, simple, and unimaginative. I’ve already watched both seasons 4 times and I’m starting to go through withdrawals again. How will I last a year?? (Many bows to all involved with Sherlock, especially Mr. Moffat & Mr. Gatiss.)

    Benedict is immensely talented and utterly fascinating. Since the first season of Sherlock I’ve been hearing, “Smart is the new sexy.” Whoever came up with this must have lived in a closet for most of their lives, because smart has ALWAYS been sexy. If smart and sexy were accessories and Mr. Cumberbatch were a car, he’d be fully loaded. He also oozes confidence, not arrogantly, but rather he seems comfortable with everyone and everything. From what I’ve read and heard in interviews, etc. he seems to be the kind of man I would be greatly honored to call a friend or even just an acquaintance. Can you tell I’m entranced by Mr. Cumberbatch? No wonder why there are so many nominations and awards flying at him. I know they’ll be many, many more to come.

    Thank you so very much Benedict Cumberbatch for blessing us with your outstanding abilities!

  2. I am a little bit late, I started with Sherlock Season 2 ( and in rush to keep up with the Season 1 now) and I was stunned by his Aspergerish attitude and the way Watson devoted his mental health to deal with him. I think Sherlock is really smart and sinematically outstanding, this series make other TV series like child plays. The only flaw is that I have to wait for the third season next year. But it’s worth waiting..

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