“Sherlock” Series 3 Information via Comic-Con Panel

Yesterday was the Sherlock panel at the International Comic-Con in San Diego. Though Benedict did not attend the panel himself, he and co-star Martin Freeman did record a welcome video to greet the fans (which you can watch above). At the panel, there was more information on the upcoming series:

  • “The Empty Hearse” is the title of the first episode of the series, it is loosely based on the Conan Doyle tale “The Adventure Of The Empty House”.
  • They will cover the impact Sherlock’s fake death had on John.
  • John is getting married! And Sherlock admits to being best friends.
  • How did Sherlock survive the fall? It will be revealed in the upcoming series.
  • Moriarty is indeed dead.
  • The show is to premiere around the autumn in the UK and sometime in 2014 in the US.
  • Despite the fact Benedict mentioned them in the welcome video, Khan and Smaug are not in Sherlock.

Edit: I have added captures from the video into the gallery:

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