Simon Pegg’s Prank on the “Star Trek Into Darkness” Cast


post-neutroncream2Pegg takes special delight in pranking his countryman Benedict Cumberbatch who made his début as villainous Khan in the movie.

‘Benedict is so creamed up right now,’ the Spaced star whispers into the camera. ‘One spot, two spots, three spots, four spots. Two on the wrists.’

The Sherlock star realises he’s been caught out good and proper when given a disclaimer to read ostentatiously about the hazards of using the cream.

‘Tommy needs me to sign this bit of paper,’ Cumberbatch tells the camera. ‘It says: “I, the undersigned, hereby accept liability, in that participation with the Paramount Pictures production Star Trek 2, hereafter referred to as HH, at the National Ignition Facility, Livermore CA, hereafter referred to as NIF, recognise that the topically applied emollient known as Neutron Cream does not exist… “

Read the rest of the article and about their co-stars’ reactions to this gag.

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