Has New Themes!

After about 5 months of having the previous layout, I have finally made and added a brand new main site layout featuring his recent Sherlock-esque shoot (plus a slideshow going through some of his recent/upcoming roles) and a new gallery theme featuring his January 2014 issue GQ shoot. I have redone the current projects images and added a new sidebar box titled “featured project”. In the header of the main theme, I have added the song Benedict sings in August: Osage County, so be sure to listen to that.
If you come across any problems with the new themes, do not hesitate to let us know!

I also wanted to remind you all that the site now has a brand new Twitter that you can follow for updates about Benedict! – @CumberbatchNet

2 Comments on “ Has New Themes!”

  1. I really enjoy your site, very comprehensive well thought out and detailed. I had a site for John Cusack for 12 years and I appreciate well designed sites. My only suggestion would be a little larger type and a message board. Some fans would like to have a BC place to leave messages and not have to use Twitter and Facebook. Much luck and success. I am sure Benedict would be very impressed.

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