Watch: Cumberbatch Finally Addresses Those ‘Doctor Strange’ Rumors

MTV – When fans want a casting rumor to be true, they’ll make any connections necessary to support the theory. That’s how Benedict Cumberbatch coming to San Diego Comic-Con for “Penguins of Madagascar” became a sideways confirmation that he’s playing Doctor Strange, at least for the people who want him to be.

Not satisfied with speculation, when MTV spoke with Cumberbatch for his first ever Comic-Con interview to promote “Penguins of Madagascar,” we also had to ask if there was any truth to the rumor that he would be Marvel’s next Sorcerer Supreme.

As far as I’m aware, even if that was the case, it couldn’t work out because I’m doing a little play called ‘Hamlet’ in London. So I don’t think I could even if that was in the cards. It sounds like a fantastic project. It’s a shame if I miss out, but who knows?

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