News: Sherlock Filming / Airing Information

Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss has confirmed a start date for filming of the second series.

It was first announced last August that the detective drama, which stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as a modern-day Holmes and Watson, will return for three more 90-minute stories later this year.

In a new Twitter post, Gatiss wrote: “For those kindly asking, we start shooting the new series of Sherlock in May and will be back on TV in the Autumn.”

Back in October, co-producer Steven Moffat implied that the second run will introduce Holmes’s love interest Irene Adler and depict the great detective’s battle with his nemesis Mortiarty (Andrew Scott) at Reichenbach Falls.

Martin Freeman recently revealed that he was almost forced to turn down a role in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit to film the new episodes.


Gallery – Photoshoot additions

A few updates to the Photoshoots section of the site – one album has been updated with more images, an old photoshoot has been added, plus also a photoshoot featuring Benedict alongside Jonny Lee Miller (as part of the Frankenstein promotion, I presume!) which was taken late last year!

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News – Boyle’s ‘Frankenstein’ to screen in cinemas

Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein stage production will screen live in cinemas globally in March, says Deadline.

The play, which is currently in previews at the National Theatre, stars Jonny Lee Miller (Trainspotting) and Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) alternating the role of Victor Frankenstein and The Creature.

Frankenstein will be broadcast live via satellite in high definition in 370 cinemas worldwide on March 17. A second show will screen across the UK and Europe on March 24 so that audiences can compare the performances of Miller and Cumberbatch.

Boyle, whose latest movie 127 Hours earned a ‘Best Picture’ Oscar nomination, will hold two camera rehearsals and have up to eight cameras running on the night of the live cinema transmissions.

The National’s head of digital media David Sabel said of bringing the stage performances to the big screen: “Our biggest problem is always, how can we make this exciting to watch rather than just have one static camera at the back?

“We’re not making a movie, it’s very much the live experience. This doesn’t feel like a piece of theatre that’s being restaged for the cinema – you feel incredibly connected to the live performance. Our US audience is growing quite dramatically.”

Frankenstein’s initial ten-week run in London has already sold out, but has been extended until early May with tickets yet to be made available.


Gallery – National Television Awards

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Gallery – The Last Enemy + Event Images

Benedict is currently out, at the Instyle BAFTA Party in London. Some MQ images have been added to the gallery!

I also added screencaptures from Episode 2 of The Last Enemy! Enjoy!

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Article – Cumberbatch admits ‘stealing’ from Miller

Benedict Cumberbatch has admitted to “stealing” from Johnny Lee Miller for their upcoming performances in Danny Boyle’s stage adaptation of Frankenstein.

The actors will alternate in the roles of Frankenstein and the Creature in the production of Mary Shelly’s gothic novel, which opens at the National Theatre for previews on February 5. The play will be broadcast to cinemas around the world on March 17 as part of National Theatre Live.

Miller told The Guardian: “We’re not precious. We find it constructive to talk to each other about what looks good, what doesn’t. We’re more of a team.”

Cumberbatch added: “The dialogue between us is selfless and co-operative. If there’s something really good that he does, I will ask if I can incorporate it.”

While Miller stressed that the pair do not steal ideas from each other, Cumberbatch countered: “There’s no shame in stealing – any actor who says he doesn’t is lying. You steal from everything.”

Explaining the concept behind the idea of switching roles, Boyle said: “Frankenstein is creating life without women. The idea is to bring two actors as close to that notion as possible.

“And how do you do that? In terms of the performance, Frankenstein and the Creature literally create each other: every other night they reinhabit each other.”


Gallery – Hawking

Screencaptures from the 2004 BBC drama Hawking have been added to the gallery. Benedict plays the main character – Stephen Hawkings.

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Merry Christmas to you all!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas – we hope you enjoy the festive time, with your loved ones 🙂

Updates will be slow over the next couple of days – it’s my first Christmas with my little girl, so lots of family events this weekend. Updates will hopefully resume from Monday!!

Gallery – The Last Enemy

Screencaptures from Episode 01 of The Last Enemy have been added to the gallery! Quite a complex story so-far, but very watchable and enjoyable.

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Gallery – Have I Got News For You

Some screencaptures have been added to the gallery from Benedict’s guest presenting role on Have I Got News For You, which aired in the UK back in September. Benedict was a great presenter and seemed to work well with Paul and Ian (regular team captains) – I hope he presents again soon!

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